The Eastern Health Diversity Project: Examining Needs and Establishing Priorities

"How well is Eastern Health doing with cultural diversity? What are the challenges, strategies, needs, and barriers related to providing effective and culturally competent health care?"

Welcome to the website for the Eastern Health Diversity Project (EHDP). This study examined patient and provider perspectives on the provision of effective and culturally competent care within the Eastern Health region of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL). We focused on two marginalized patient populations – the Indigenous and refugee communities of NL.


Nationally, these two groups have experienced multiple barriers to accessing effective and culturally competent health care, including infrastructural, economic, socio-cultural, geographic, and linguistic barriers. This study sought to examine these two distinct populations to determine how and why barriers exist to authentic and comprehensive care, and how best to ensure care is provided effectively within our own health care system.

This website houses summaries of each section of the formal report. Please use the above tabs to navigate.